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Non-profits can adopt emerging trends to achieve sustainable fundraising success

By leveraging nuanced tech, non-profits can embrace the shift to digital, modernize their legacy systems, soar fundraising efforts, and advance their missions. – Rakesh Prasad, Senior VP – Strategy & Solutions, Innover

The success of non-profits hinges on their ability to engage and energize their member communities to create a significant impact. To build an active and zealous user community, non-profits need to leverage modern technologies and analytics capabilities that help turn members into advocates for their cause; helps spread the word and speed up goal realization.

Cutting-edge digital commerce solutions can enable non-profits to build momentum in their initiatives to welcome new volunteers, connect with donors and multiply member base – creating opportunities for members to actively participate in their mission through volunteering, recurring donations, advocacy campaigns, events, and more. By leveraging data analytics capabilities and personalization techniques, non-profits can seamlessly decode member behavior and preferences and glean valuable insights into member profiles, donation histories, campaign data, and other data sources. These insights can further be used to develop tailored strategies and personalized conversations, and bring unique giving experiences to life.

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