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Let InnoraiseTM revolutionize your community’s impact

Innoraise offers associations and non-profits a tailor-made Digital Platform that enhances members’ and donors’ experiences, speeds up the vision of integrated commerce, and amplifies their mission & impact. It enables you to deliver to your user a connected experience and integrated view across memberships, donations, and events. A plug-and-play SaaS based solution, Innoraise seamlessly blends a unified shopping cart, data-driven insights, personalized experiences, and integrations to support growth, meet member expectations and drive efficient operations.

Why Innoraise

Amplify member experiences

  • Simplicity and easy navigation allowing members to finish their tasks faster
  • In-built Analytics and insights across all touch points and channels to build frictionless member journeys
  • Ability to offer relevant & personalized content, products and services to multiply the member base
Why Innoraise | Highly Scalable SaaS Solution | Amplified Member Experience | Pre-build Intergration | Go Live in Just 6-8 Weeks

Pre-built integrations

  • Improve efficiency with 20+ Pre-built Integrations across non-profit technology ecosystem (AMS, CRM, Meetings, Webinars, etc.)
  • Minimizing technical debt and driving higher impact from investments

Scalable, cloud-based solution

  • Embrace a multitude of benefits such as ease of use, scalability, automatic updates, and security
  • Minimize the need for in-house IT infrastructure and reduce maintenance and support costs

Go-live fast

  • Leverage pre-built templates and Innover’s Non-profit domain expertise for quick platform set up and go-live in just 6-8 weeks
  • Easy deployment process with various configuration options and best practices guidance

Elite platform features to aid your mission and promote growth

Enhanced Member Experience

  • Highly-intuitive membership join or renewal journey
  • Customer group-based packages
  • Configure additional benefits for packages
  • Membership renewal automated email notification

Streamlined & Boosted Donations

  • Pre-filled amount fields
  • Custom amount selection
  • Goal-based donation (gamification)
  • Recurring donation
  • In honor of/In memory of donation options

Unified Shopping Cart

  • Single, integrated shopping cart across memberships, donations and events
  • Configurable cross-selling & up-selling of products
  • My accounts section to see and manage all engagements at one place

Seamless & Secure Payments

  • Instant payment via Credit Card & PayPal (Express & Payflow Pro)
  • Offline payment via Money Order/Cheque/Bank Transfer/COD
  • Invoice download option

Timely & Consistent Logistics Solutions

  • Easy configuration of shipping rates based on weight, location, etc.
  • Real-time delivery tracking of products

In-depth & Accurate Data Analysis

  • Insights on donations, memberships, events, and purchases
  • KPI tracking (User Engagement, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on Page, Sessions, Traffic Sources and more)

End-to-end Personalization

  • Tailored web experience based on behavioral triggers
  • Custom bestseller lists to drive click-through
  • Personalized up-sells and cross-sells across donations, subscriptions& events
  • Personalized notification to boost product purchase
  • Selected products can be featured on Home Page

Targeted & Automated Marketing

  • Email drip campaigns to drive user retention & membership purchases
  • Automated email notifications and recommendations
  • In-built social sharing links

Integrations that elevate future possibilities

Revitalize your legacy systems and effortlessly integrate your preferred apps and tools


Payment Methods




Marketing Automation


Event Management System


*Coming Soon

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